Thank you:

We are eternally grateful to Vinny & Androulla for their amazing, limitless support to finally release our debut album!

Thank you so much to our long-suffering family & friends who never tire of us talking about music & are always there when we need them with advice & encouragement.

Special thanks also to Pete Maher, Matt Hall & 3Dizzy
Other credits:

Website - design & artwork by Emerald Tears & built by Vinny Rawlley

Music video of I've Remembered – filmed by Matt Hall, written & directed by Emerald Tears, & edited by Matt Hall & Emerald Tears
Copyright of our album 'Enough':

The copyright of the sound recording is owned by Emerald Tears
All songs are written, performed, recorded, mixed & published by Emerald Tears
All songs are mastered by Pete Maher.
All artwork is designed & created by Emerald Tears


If you'd like to book us for a gig or if you'd just like to send us a message, we'd love to hear from you!